New Blog

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Ok, so my new blog has been created!

I won’t close this one down, but I will no longer post new entries here. I was attempting to merge business and pleasure here on this blog, but now that I have a photography website built for work (, I have created a blog that is strictly personal photography and expressions. I hope to continue to grow as a photographer in my professional and personal areas of creativity and artistry. You are welcome to follow my personal journey at!

New Website

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So I’m a midst making some changes to my website and blog. I have created an official photography website for work/business. I’ve been working very hard at it, hence why I haven’t been posting many blog entries lately. But it is complete now and can be found at Be sure to bookmark it and contact me for work.

This blog may be changing location soon. My blog will become my personal expressions, unrelated to work and will most likely receive a new name and address. So stay posted and I will post the address here when it is complete.

Peace. Love. Photograpy. ♥

My boots

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She grabbed my boots and decided to give it a try.

Little Sneakers

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I became fascinated with a little pair of sneakers on a set of little feet.

“He comes with his own publicist.”

•October 29, 2009 • 4 Comments

Maf on air promoting his last show. If you weren’t there, you missed out. Dope emcees. Real hip hop.


Definitely Beautiful….Beautiful Definitely

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Her Eyes…

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