About Moiré Flux

Hi, All. Welcome to the official introduction of Moiré Flux to the world.

So, I assume that you are wondering who Moiré Flux is. She is me, and I am she. Moiré Flux is who I am as an Artist. She is my alter ego. She is the part of me who is dying to be free. The part of me that has been dizhireng krieattive xpreshune. Becoming Moiré Flux has been a process (hence the Flux) and started as a sudden awakening, from an uncomfortable stifling, but felt very organic and natural to me. Becoming in touch with this part of myself required that I become more comfortable in my own skin and worry less about filling others’ expectations of myself. Moiré Flux is free-spirited, open-minded, and accepting. She never stops learning, growing, or changing the perspective from which she sees and examines the world. I hope that you will see this through my work. Moiré is the the girl that I am getting to know and am loving more and more everyday. I invite you to get to know me as Moiré Flux.

Moiré is a photographic term used to describe a wave-like patterned effect that results when there is more detail in the subject than a camera can capture. I felt like this is me. I have realized that there is so much more to me than I knew, and that is recognizable to others. There is more detail to Moiré than can be captured; whether it would be through the lens of a camera, or through the eyes of an observer.

Flux is a continuous change, passage, or movement. A friend suggested Flux. He said “A pretty picture in the midst of change. A beautiful image that is in the settling process or formation process creation.” And Moiré Flux was born.

She is me, and I am she.



To contact Moire Flux Photography for work, email moirefluxphotography@yahoo.com

One Response to “About Moiré Flux”

  1. I would like for you to do some looks for the website that I will be creating soon. I’m looking to do 50 or so exercises with each exercise having 3 motions. That would be a total of around 150 pics. My gym has 24 hour access so the shoot can be done at any time of day (preferably early morning). Please give me a pricing quote if you can. Thank you.

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